Schedule an Appointment


How to Register for and Make Appointments at The Writing Center:

  • Open The Writing Center Schedule (
  • If you are a new user, you will need to register for an account by clicking on the link: “First Visit?: Register for an account”
    • You will need to register for the account before you can return to the schedule and log in to make an appointment
  • If you are a registered user, enter your login information and choose a writing center schedule
    • The main undergraduate schedule will be at the top of the page
    • Graduate students may use the undergraduate schedule until the VOCES Graduate Student Writing Center launches in Fall 2021
    • Once you are in the schedule, simply click on an open appointment to schedule your meeting with a Writing Mentor! We are currently available for online appointments only. 
      • (RECOMMENDED) Choose either a synchronous appointment to meet “in-person” with your Writing Mentor, or
      • Chose an asynchronous appointment for the Writing Mentor to comment on your writing and send it back to you by the end of your scheduled session
    • For online appointments, return to the schedule and click on the appointment time--your tutor will meet you there if you scheduled a synchronous mentoring session


Writing Center Attendance Policies:

  • Undergraduate writers can work with mentors for either half-hour or 1 hour sessions, once per day.   
  • Graduate writers can work with mentors for 1 hour or 1.5 hour sessions, once per day.  
  • Writing Center users may schedule recurring appointments in advance.  The Writing Center is a popular resource, so be sure that you either attend or cancel your scheduled appointments to be respectful of other student’s needs. To cancel or reschedule an appointment, return to The Writing Center schedule at
  • Writing Center users who miss 3 scheduled sessions in a quarter will be blocked from making appointments until the next quarter begins.