Write Together Workshop

“Write Together” is a unique workshop space in which participants co-create a culture of healthy and constructive critique, interdisciplinary collaboration, and completion. We reconnect with purpose, grounding ourselves in the intellectual, social and political lineages that inspired us to go to graduate school in the first place. We identify blocks to writing and practice strategies for managing those blocks. We learn and practice constructive critique and interdisciplinary collaboration. We set goals and set up plans to meet those goals – learning, along the way, how to adjust expectations and to manage our time.  

The program will take place throughout the Spring 2024 quarter with weekly virtual meetings and culminating on an in-person writing retreat: 

  • Virtual meeting dates: Wednesday from 5:15 - 6:45 PM on April 3, 10, 17 and May 1.
  • In person writing retreat: Saturday, May 11 (all day) and Sunday, May 12 (half-day).

Capacity is limited to 20 graduate students in order to maximize our time together.

Applications are now closed and decisions will be sent out by March 18. 


Yvette Saavedra, Ph.D.

As a historian who focuses on locating and integrating the voices of the marginalized into dominant historical narratives, I see writing as an intimate act, an act of empowerment, rebellion, and recuperation. As a first-generation college, graduate student, and academic I often contend with perfectionism that stifled my writing. The key to overcoming this and other obstacles is to silence the inner critic that so loudly tells us that our work is not good enough. In this workshop I seek to inspire students to confidently assert their voice and ideas in their writing by silencing their inner critic, learning collaboration, and accepting constructive criticism. I seek to create a space through which to empower us to keep doing work that matters.